Photo Shoot In The Wild

I was on the fence.

blue lens sun glasses with bamboo legs or arms as some people say on a brick fence

about doing a blog post on some of our wood themed products but in the end I bowed to peer pressure. 

bamboo sun glasses with brown, green, red gold and blue lenses on a brick fence

We decided it was time 

This handsome wood watch combines retro style with modern material

to do a photo shoot of our items in their natural habitat.

Victoria sneaking up on bamboo sun glasses at rest

Recumbent sunglasses unaware of photographer Victoria.

It may be a little known fact that sun glasses, when startled, will gather in a circle for protection.

 sun glasses in a circle

It may not be a fact but that's the way I heard it.

Some sunglasses are fearless.

Some travel the beaten path,

bamboo sun glasses with green lenses on paving stones

while some travel the path less known.

bamboo sun glasses with green lenses on stones

Some prefer to watch.

After an afternoon of product wrangling I thought it was time to throw in the towel but we forgot to get a shot of it.

This blog post pairs well with chardonnay. Or tequila. You can't go wrong with tequila.