How to Make Your Own Natural Lip Balm


It was not something I thought about often but once or twice a winter when my lips felt like they were falling off, I thought, "I wish I had some lip balm". Occasionally I would find some in the pocket of my parka and think, "How long has that been there"? 

If I did think to buy some lip balm I tended to look for a mint  flavored or medicated variety that would make my lips tingle. Felt like it was doing something.
My preferred brand was Burt's Bees because it sounded like a natural product and whoever heard of a bee with chapped lips.

Since moving to the west coast I no longer own a parka and will have to procure a fresh tube of the stuff.

Or I could use the recipe in this article and make my own. 


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Courtesy of: Shopify